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Old Windsor Primary School is situated in Old Windsor Park in Ruwa about 21 kilometres east of Harare.  The school is privately own by the Tsai Family who is the Responsible Authority.  It opened its doors to pupils in Ruwa, Zimre Park and Goromonzi in January 2003 with classes from grade 1 to 6.  As of 2004 its classes went up to Grade 7.  It is the modest school with consistently the best results among 72 school in the Goromonzi District.

The vision of the school is very unique.  The school was established by the Tsai Family as a memorial for their late daughter, Grace Tsai, who died in a swimming pool at a school in South Africa.  From this sad experience the Tsai Family resolved to build a school where children of all races can be safe and develop into responsible adults who strive for the best and nothing else but the best in life.  Thus Mr Tsai, the Responsible Authority, whenever he talks about school to anyone he does not mince his words in declaring the need for good quality education.

From the vision of the school, the Tsai Family found Ruwa in Harare an ideal place for the construction of the school.  There were problems, suffering during the process, but it was so glad to see the vision become true!

The results were excellent since the first exam year - 2004 - 76% pass rate in the Grade Seven, Third position out of 72 schools in the district.  In 2005, position 1 out of 72 schools with an 83% pass rate.  In 2006, 96% pass rate as well as in 2007.  This was not only the hard working from Management, but also the Teachers' contribution!

Old Windsor has had its own share of challenges that beset its progress in the quest to provide quality education.  The Management team believes that all the problems can be overcome!  The school will even better, not only good in academic, but the culture and improve the sport activities!

It does not matter how difficult the problems are; how difficult the Zimbabwe's environment is, it is worth when we see Zimbabwe's next generation is growing - the one who will make a difference in Zimbabwe's future!  It is worth when we see the vision is becoming true.

It is one of Responsible Authority's dreams - to make a better future through education!  Old Windsor Primary School is only the beginning!



796 San Souci Road, Ruwa. Zimbabwe

Tel: 0773-617889

E-mail: info@oldwindsorprimary.com



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